Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Assistance Center

Run 2B

Run 2B Youth Running Club was developed as a new initiative between Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Assistance Center (OTRAC) located at Oklahoma State University and Stillwater Parks and Recreation Department. The development of Run 2B provides an alternative option for those who prefer individual sports and activities, and teaches a lifelong activity that directly addresses the growing obesity epidemic amongst youth in Oklahoma. Participants in this program are boys and girls in first through fifth grade who complete two sessions a week for four weeks (eight total sessions). An emphasis is placed on fun, and the program has been developed using guidelines developed by New York Road Runners. The short-term goal of this proposed program is to encourage greater participation in running among youth in the Stillwater, Oklahoma area. The long-term goal is to develop a an effective youth running club model that can be adopted by other locations who wish to develop their own program. If you have questions: Please contact Dr. Tim Baghurst at tim.baghurst@okstate.edu or 405-744-4346